Privacy Policy

Snapplify’s Privacy Policy details how Snapplify collects your personal information, how this data is used and managed, and how it is secured.
By accessing and/or using our online services and/or platform(s), you consent to Snapplify processing your personal information as detailed in this policy.
If you are under the age of 18, you must have permission from your parent or guardian before using our services and/or platform(s) or providing us with your personal information.
This policy may be amended from time to time. Please ensure that you have read the latest version on our website.

We’re committed to privacy protection

Snapplify is committed to protecting the privacy of our users, in accordance with privacy legislation.

For this reason:

  • We never share identifiable user data with third parties.
  • We are explicit about what data we are collecting and what we intend to use it for. We only collect data that is necessary to provide an excellent educational service.
  • We always require consent to process user data.
  • We only hold user data for the period that a user is legitimately using our service.
  • We use that data to make sure that users are getting the most out of our online services and/or platform(s).
  • We do not market to users under 18 years of age with the intention to sell.

How we collect personal information

The ways we may collect personal information from you include, but are not limited to:

  • Through direct or active interactions with you
  • In the course of our relationship with you
  • Through automated or passive interactions with you
  • When you visit or interact with our website or our various social media platforms
  • From third parties
  • Public sources
  • Employment applications
  • Using ‘cookies’ to collect website usage information

What personal information we collect and why

For us to offer you products and services, we need to collect and use your personal information. We may collect personal information that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Identity information (e.g. name, school and grade data, subject data)
  • Contact information (e.g. email address and phone number)
  • Financial information
  • Transactional information (e.g. previous orders)
  • Technical information (e.g. app version and operating system)
  • Usage information (e.g. reading and usage data, as well as how, when, and for how long you are using our platforms, content viewed and search queries submitted)
  • Location information
  • Marketing and communications information
  • Information you provide to us if you contact us (e.g. to request support or submit feedback)
  • Information you provide to us if you apply for a job with us (e.g. education and employment background), as well as any information publicly available on social or professional platforms like LinkedIn
  • Other information from third parties like social media (any information collected via these channels is governed by the privacy settings, policies, and/or procedures of the applicable social media platform)

Direct marketing

The registration of a Snapplify user account constitutes consent from the user to receive information pertaining to the service offering and new features from Snapplify, as well as third-party marketplace partners. We may therefore process personal information for the purpose of direct marketing and providing you with information that may be of interest to you. You have the right to opt out at any time.
If you opt out of receiving marketing communications from us, we may still send you transactional or administrative messages which are necessary to render the services to you.We will never send direct marketing to users under the age of 18.

How we protect your personal information

Snapplify ensures protection and management of personally identifiable information. We may use collected information to compile profiles for statistical purposes (analyse data for trends and statistics) and trade in these profiles. However, the individual user will always remain anonymous so no information contained in the profiles or statistics will be able to be linked to any specific user. Information collected about users through their use is the property of Snapplify (Pty) Ltd.
We respect your privacy. All the information collected will be kept strictly confidential and personal identifiers will not be disclosed without your express consent, except when a prior written agreement exists giving permission to share personal details, or when we are required to provide information in order to ensure compliances with any form of legal process or with any law.

The security methods we use

Snapplify uses commercially reasonable security methods to protect your personal information. Your personal information will be stored in a database located behind multiple firewalls and accessible only to authorised personnel. We do not encrypt normal Web sessions, but any transmission to our servers of credit card or other Personal Information uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information that you input. Password and credit card information is stored in our database in an encrypted, non-human readable form.

In the event of a data breach which may put users at risk, Snapplify will immediately notify all relevant stakeholders and users.

How we store your personal information

We store information supplied by users in fully secured databases with restricted access. This information may be updated through our subscriber functions via, one of the Snapplify e-commerce stores or a Snapplify-owned platform. User data is stored for as long as a user account is registered with Snapplify. However, anonymous de-registered user information may be retained for high-level research purposes.

Specific instances when information is disclosed

When a third party uses Snapplify Cloud Services, a whitelabelled e-commerce store from Snapplify, or Snapplify Reader applications, the user data is owned by Snapplify and falls under the conditions of this privacy policy. The user can approve which information is shared with the third party and any shared information is subject to the third party’s privacy policy.

In order to provide the best possible and most relevant service, we may use standard technology to collect information about the use of our online services and/or platforms to share with clients. This technology is not able to identify individual users but simply allows us to collect statistics. We will only ever disclose aggregate information about our user base. Aggregate information will never disclose who you are, but rather identifies the user population in general terms.