Return/Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy explains the process you need to follow in order to properly cancel a purchase, report a defect, or arrange for a refund. Snapplify offers no “cool-off” period for the return of purchased eBooks, electronic vouchers, and individual issue or subscription purchases of digital magazines, newspapers and periodicals. 

You are not entitled to any refund or replacement save to the extent that it is expressly provided for under this Refund Policy or if Snapplify, in its sole discretion and without being obliged thereto, chooses to give you a refund or replacement.

Your right to cancel, return, or be refunded

Incorrect Content Delivered

If the incorrect content is delivered to you (i.e. it is not the content you purchased), please promptly contact in order to resolve the mistake as quickly as possible.

Non-defective Titles

Snapplify will not issue refunds or provide replacements for titles that are returned for any reason other than a defect (including, but not limited to, mistaken purchases, incorrect purchases, title swaps, or personal taste).
Possible Leniency: Although you have no right to return non-defective products bought from Snapplify, if you want to return a non-defective product you purchased from Snapplify, Snapplify may, in its sole discretion, decide to nevertheless give you a partial refund on that purchase.

Defective Titles

If, within six (6) months of purchase, you find that the title is defective/faulty, or are otherwise unable to persist in reading the title (hereafter referred to as “Defective”), you may submit a refund request in the manner set out in the “Return & Refund Process” section below (this being the only manner in which requests for refunds will be accepted). 
Should the title subsequently be found to indeed be defective, you are entitled to either (a) have the title repaired or replaced, and have readability reinstated, or (b) be fully refunded. 

Should the title subsequently be found to NOT be defective, you will not be entitled to any refund, or free replacement or repair.

Should you find the title to be defective after the 6 month window has passed, and the title is subsequently be found to indeed be defective, you are entitled to have the title repaired and have readability reinstated. If Snapplify is unable to repair the title or reinstate readability after a period of three (3) months, you will be entitled to a refund. 

Please note that the following issues/problems will NOT render the product damaged, defective or unsuitable, and will not entitle you to any repair, replacement or refund:

  1. If you are unable to access the relevant eBook because (a) you have no internet connection, or the eBook is blocked by your firewalls, or a similar internet or network related restriction is present on your end; (b) you have reached your device limit; (c) your license term had ended; or (d) payment therefor has failed.
  2. The inability to open or read an eBook pdf or epub file -
    1. on more than one device simultaneously;
    2. on a Reader application not supported by the Snapplify Platform;
    3. on a device which you have not yet associated/registered with the relevant Reader Application;
    4. on a device running an unsupported version of an operating system;
    5. on a device that does not conform to the ordinary levels of international standards, or where device manufacturers have not developed support for standard eBook functionality. 
    6. because you are unable to associate your device with a Reader Application because you are not connected to the internet;

Due to the many variables which could render an eBook (being the .pdf or .epub file) problematic or defective, any alleged defect in an eBook shall be dealt with as follows:

  • Should you experience any problems in downloading the eBook, or in opening or reading the eBook itself, or, although able to read the eBook, the eBook is defective in some other way (missing pages, incorrect book, etc), you must report the problem to Snapplify by way of email to
  • If reported as aforesaid, Snapplify shall assist you in determining the possible cause/s of the problem and how to rectify these. No refunds shall be issued unless Snapplify, determines that a refund would be appropriate.
  • It should be noted that it will be even more unlikely that Snapplify deems a refund appropriate if you have already downloaded the eBook. Consequently, if you believe an error has been made in your purchase (ie you’ve accidentally ordered the incorrect eBook), please report the problem to Snapplify WITHOUT downloading the eBook.

Possible Leniency: Although your rights in relation to defective products are as set out above, if you return an allegedly defective product you purchased from Snapplify and, following inspection thereof it cannot be established with certainty that the product is defective, Snapplify may, in its sole discretion, nevertheless decide to give you a partial refund on that purchase or to effect a repair or give you a replacement at a reduced cost. 

Return & Refund process


If you wish to return a product you have purchased from Snapplify for any reason permitted under this Refund Policy, you must notify Snapplify and inform us of the reason for your return via email at: 

Once you have successfully logged your return as aforesaid, Snapplify will issue you with a support ticket reference number. Snapplify will not issue refunds or replacements of any products which have not gone through the above process and/or are not accompanied by a valid support ticket reference number. 

Snapplify will verify all logged issues, and provide initial feedback to you within three (3) working days of receipt based on the date and time recorded in the ticketing system. 

Snapplify will use all reasonable diligence to correct verifiable and reproducible errors when reported in accordance with its standard reporting procedures for errors, classified by severity as follows:

  1. Priority 1: an error which causes a system crash under normal usage. Snapplify will within two (2) working calendar days of verifying such an error is present, initiate work in a diligent manner toward development of an error correction. Snapplify will provide you with a status update once a resolution has been reached. 
  2. Priority 2: other errors. Snapplify will within five (5) working calendar days of verifying such an error is present, initiate work in a diligent manner toward development of an error correction. Snapplify will provide you with a status update once a resolution has been reached. 


Refund requests will be approved at the sole discretion of Snapplify. 

Should you be entitled to a refund for any reason, such refund shall be effected in the same manner in which your payment was made (i.e. by processing the refund against your credit card, via EFT, as the case may be).