The Predators

Ruth N. Sitati


"They are everywhere - in homes, in schools, on the farms, in the marketplace, in church and even on the roads and footpaths and on the street corners. They will stop at nothing to get to their target. Victims of sexual violence rarely talk about their experiences, and if they do, they bear the brunt of negative cultural attitudes and stigmatization. The courtroom is one of the few places where they can speak out on their experiences. Lady Justice Ruth N. Sitati presents The Predators, a collection of real life accounts from various cases she has interacted with in the course of her duty as a judicial officer in Kenya for over 40 years. Most of the stories are narratives of criminal court proceedings. The book aims to alert readers on the dangers lurking in our houses, churches, schools, offices, outdoors and other places. Some may identify with these stories as victims, or as culprits while for others, it may be a forewarning. At another level, theses stories raise public awareness on the tragedy of sexual abuse in our society, placing a highlight on the importance of preventing such incidents from occurring, and helping victims heal from their trauma. Heightened consciousness of evil acts helps influence efforts put into protecting the vulnerable."

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Ruth N. Sitati
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